‘Curious about everything’ —Easton native Sharon Denny shares her wildlife photography at 51st Waterfowl Festival

Special to The Star Democrat Nov 7, 2022

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Sharon Denny Photography

The Paddle's featured artist ...

Sharon Denny has been cultivating her twin passions of photography and nature most of her life.  Since retiring as an executive at a Fortune 500 company, she spends her time observing and photographing wildlife.

Her nature photography has won multiple awards and has been featured in several publications. She was named both Versatile Photographer of the Year and Photographer of the year in 2022 by the Coastal Camera Club, where she also serves as a leader of its nature photography group of more than 100 photographers.

A native of Easton, MD, she currently lives in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

She strives to tell a story with her nature photography.  Her objective is not to simply photograph the abundant beauty of nature, but to capture the amazing things animals do as part of their daily lives.

What's her relationship to The Paddle?  According to Mandy Hotchkiss, Co-Owner of The Paddle: "Sharon and I have been long-time friends stemming back to our undergraduate years at the University of Maryland in College Park.  Her photography, along with the short stories she writes about each piece, is truly amazing, both artful and thought-provoking. Plus, she's Mom to three athletic and well-mannered Boston Terriers: Hudson, Jackpot & Miles!  (See their photo below!)

Notes about the photos:

These photos are all printed on metal.
* Photos infused to a 3/64" thick aluminum panel
* Features a glossy coating and rounded edges
* UV resistant ink prevent fading
* Ready to hang


Heron's Heart

20x30; $400

This photo depicts a special moment in the breeding season of Great Blue Herons. The male arrives at the breeding grounds before the female and selects a nesting site. When the females arrive, the male works to attract a female to his nest and if she accepts a twig from him, this seals the deal and they will be mates for the season.


16x20; $325

A Wood Duck is illuminated by morning's first rays of sunshine.  This photograph was made in Lewes, DE.

* Due to web page restraints, this pictured has been cropped.

The Chase

11x14; $200

This photograph is called The Chase because these two male Wood Ducks are chasing a female across the pond in Lewes, DE.

* Due to web page restraints, this pictured has been cropped.


20x30; $400

This mama Red Fox is carrying its cub back to the den after it chose not to follow her instructions to return to the den when rainfall began.

Golden Eye

20X30; $400

A great Blue Heron takes a peek amidst a morning nap.


20x30; $400

A Great Blue Heron seems to be contemplating its next move as it perches on a piling.

Little Blue Sunrise

16x20; $325

A little Blue heron is bathed by morning's first rays.

Lady Cardinal

12x12; $200

As winter eliminates many food sources for birds, they turn to what is available. In this case, poison ivy berries.  Femaile Northern Cardinal.

Mr. Cardinal

12x12; $200

A male Northern cardinal sings to defend its territory.

Navigating the Cypress

16x20; $325

A Great Blue heron weaves through a Bald cypress forest.

* Due to web page restraints, this pictured has been cropped.

Company's Coming

16x20; $300

A group of Canada Geese comes in for a landing in a pond already occupied by other Canada Geese.

* Due to web page restraints, this pictured has been cropped.

Sharon Denny

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Miles, Hudson & Jackpot

Wonderful Boston Terriers that have a full life!  These three boys are Sharon's ...