Best friends,
business partners.

Phoebe Bright
"Best Chef" in Vermont

The 2022 Daysie "Best of Vermont" Awards were just announced (August 3rd) and our own Chef Phoebe just won this coveted category!

Thank you to all our loyal friends who voted for The Paddle.  We're both honored and humbled.

In addition to this award, we won "Best Restaurant" (OCC) and "Best Breakfast/Brunch" (OCC), as well.
OCC = Outside Chittenden County

Truly owner-operated! 

"Being a chef is very athletic - that's one of the reasons I love what I do!"
- Phoebe Bright

Chef Phoebe and Mandy share a true friendship spanning 37 years.  

Phoebe Bright

Chef & Proprietor

Phoebe apprenticed under famed world-wide known Chef Anita Lo who - years later - is her close friend & mentor.  

She describes her food as "delicious yet unpretentious." 

Phoebe loves participating in various sports - downhill skiing, hiking the Adirondack High Peaks, golfing, ping pong, flyfishing and throwing the frisbee for The Paddle Pups to name a few. 

In addition,  she loves the performing arts, including theater, film and music.

South Hero, VT
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Mandy has a very eclectic background - from recreational sports management & teaching at the UVM to pushcart/deli businesses, selling wooden canoes throughout the US and - after  few turns - came home to Vermont to open The Paddle with Phoebe.

"I love greeting folks when they walk through our blue door - and, getting a hug is always a plus," says the gal that always wears a hat.

Her passions are her three beloved German Wirehaired Pointers ...  and photographing them enjoying their days.

Grand Isle, Vermont
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Chef Phoebe wants to cook for you!

A peek into the woman who makes your food; after all,
a picture is worth a thousand words. 

* To learn more about Anita Lo, Phoebe's mentor & dear friend, please click on the first photo (upper left corner).  

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A peek into the woman who greets you every night wearing her hat; after all,
a picture is worth a thousand words.