"The creative adult
is the child who has survived."

The Lady
of the Northwoods

Valerie Allen

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A woman of the outdoors with many talents,
including an eye for all that's beautiful.

About the Artist,  about my friend ...

Valerie Allen grew up in upstate New York where she developed her love of the mountains and forests.  She attended Buffalo State University and graduated with a BS in education with an art minor. She went on to Casenovia College where she earned her degree in Nursing Home Administration.  

After working for awhile, she had a sailboat built and moved aboard.  She cruised for a few years around South America and the Caribbean.  Then, she came back ashore to the Virgin Islands where she opened Home Again - selling antiques, giftware and home decor.  

After 20 years, she decided it was time to move home.  She now lives in a log cabin in Northern New Hampshire where she gardens, makes baskets and lives with her talented woodworker husband, two German Wirehaired Pointers (GWP) and a few chickens.

From Mandy:  Years ago, during my journey of finding Wyeth, my first GWP, I came upon Valerie's husband, Jerry Allen, on facebook.  Purely by happen chance.  I immediately was drawn to this outdoorsy gentleman and his beloved dogs.  One photo (see below), in particular, moved me to the extent that it cemented my desire to venture into this breed. 

It was through following Jerry on social media that I learned of his talented wife and their shared passion for their pups and the outdoors.  It was only a matter of time that I knew I would, one day, meet this family of humans and canines.  

My wish came true when Jerry and Valerie, along with their girls, came to visit The Paddle for a summer lunch a few months ago.  Valerie brought along some of her wonderful baskets per my request.  It was love at first sight - a fishing creel.  I immediately knew I wanted that basket, that piece of art, for myself and particularly for (wait for it) ... my dogs' "Chuck-It" balls!  An alteration was made - making the traditional oblong opening into a circle that I could easily grab a ball or two.  

I'm pleased to share with you her wonderful basket creations.  Once our web store is complete, I will have them showcased.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact Valerie directly if you're interested to learn more.  She's a lovely and gifted woman.

Please email:  [email protected]

The photo that started it all for me!

My custom "Chuck-It" creel basket!

Valerie's Creations

I'll be updating this page often; please check back!

Full size baskets, small baskets, trinket baskets ... and pack baskets and creels!  All Valerie's creations are unique, one-of-a-kind.  Wonderful for actual use or decor ... or sporting!  

Twined raffia & Sedge

Cheese basket

Twined raffia & cedar

Trinket basket with copper

Little wren house

Ash kitten head basket

Pack Baskets

Basket with wood adornments

Traditional full-size pack basket