Just a "stone's throw away" from The Paddle!

The Hidden Gems of South Hero

South Hero boasts a long and wonderful storied history ...

When visiting The Paddle, we encourage you to check-out these two "attractions" ... they'll give you a better sense of our little Island community.  

I'll be including more places of interest; please check back regularly.

- Mandy

South Hero Bicentennial Museum

Founded on July 1, 1976, this little museum is big on the history of South Hero.  Looking at the building from Route 2, the exhibits it holds can not be fully appreciated.  Truly, it's packed for of wonderful stories, photos and historical collections that you just have to see for yourself.  We're blessed to have this "gem" just across the street form The Paddle.

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Honeymoon Cabin
Restoration Project 

Less than 100 yards away from our front step, on the left side of the historical Granny's Attic, you can find the Honeymoon Cabin dating back to 1914. This quaint little "gem" is being restored by our local superstars.

Read about the honeymoon cabin project!

I'm interested in helping out financially with the Honeymoon Cabin Project.

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Just a stone's throw away from The Paddle!

South Hero Bicentennial Museum

Honeymoon Cabin