Sisters of Anarchy Ice Cream

We're proud to support this local woman-owned business!

Single Serve Cups! 

This delicious ice cream is, truly, farm-to-cone (as they say), made on-site at Fisher Brothers Farm in Vermont, almost entirely with flavor elements grown on the farm by the ice cream makers. Single Serve $5

We've got a sweet little display freezer all stocked right inside our big blue door!  Come on in if you're passing by via car, bike, cycle or helicopter!
Chocolate Anarchy
really, really rich dark chocolate
Raspberry Beret
blend of three of the farm grown red raspberries blended into a vanilla base
high octane coffee ice cream with red raspberries
Chrystal Blue Persuasian
blueberries in a light vanilla base
Plain Jane
just vanilla
Dirty Anne
yellow Anne raspberries in a light chocolate base
Anger Manage-Mint
farm-grown peppermint steeped into a light chocolate base
Tap That
Vermont maple syrup blended into a vanilla base with chunks of Vermont maple candy

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